Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Broom Closet

Following suit of some other Pagan bloggers, it has been asked if we were in or out of the "broom closet." Well, I'm half in and half out. My significant Other is Pagan and, of course, I have Pagan friends. Most of my family does not know I'm Pagan. I do believe my son, who is 20, has some idea, because he teases me about being a Witch occasionally. He just can't figure out how I can know things before he tells me. However, I did just "come out" to a co-worker last week. She and I work very closely day to day. After asking my plans for this weekend, I decided that I was going to tell her exactly what my plans were (even though they did get rained out) for Beltane. I didn't want to glaze over my weekend plans again. So, over lunch, I told her that I am Pagan. She had no clue what a Pagan was. THAT surprised me. I started out by telling her what a Pagan was not; that was easier. She was surprised, but, as it turned out, very interested, and not judgmental. I knew she wasn't the type to judge and I felt really good about telling her. She and I get along well at the office and I suspected she wouldn't have a problem with it. We are adult enough to know how to have good conversations, agree to disagree and move on. Overall, it was a good experience. I have a feeling that next on my list is my son who is the only one of my children still living at home. I'm fairly sure he will be fine with it. I may get a few "rolling eyes" or "MOM" comments, but I get those already.

And, speaking of Beltane, my Circle of friends had plans for today, most of which were rained out. But, since I stayed so very late at my daughter's house visiting and playing with the grandsons, I was too pooped to go anywhere and do anything early in the day. I opted to stay at home and bring in Spring on my own and at my own pace. Today, that was VERY slow.
My lil' piece of knowledge for the day: Torrential rains, flooding and tornado warnings DO NOT (I repeat) DO NOT keep shoppers away from WalMart on a Saturday afternoon! Just ask me how I know that.
Blessed Be ~n~ Happy Beltane!

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  1. Very nice blog - thanks for commenting on mine. I'll be back to visit you again. Since I don't have at home Internet right now, I'm at the library. What a pain. But at least I can do that!

    Happy Belated Beltane. I will visit more often when I can actually stay a while.