Monday, June 29, 2009

A Son's Help.....?

When I arrived home from work this past Friday, I noticed as I was pulling into my garage that my garbage can was full of "greenery." Where did that come from? Then I realized that it was Crepe Myrtle trimmings. ~jaws start to clench~ I got out of my car and looked closer at the limbs....not trimmings....LIMBS! off my Crepe Myrtle. I walked to the front yard and looked at my now TRIMMED/WHACKED Crepe Myrtle. I wanted to cry (and did later). I was so proud of it. It was almost ready to bloom. I've never had one before. My grandmother always had several in her front yard. But NOW, it was CUT way back and all the would-be blooms were the garbage can. WHY?!!

My son, who many times tries to be MUCH too helpful apparently thought it was touching the eve of the house a little TOO much....about 3 feet too much from what I measured. ~ARGH!~ I was angry. Very. He didn't ask me if Iwould like to have it trimmed back. He just whacked it.

Why am I so attached to this ONE Crepe Myrtle? Because, it's the only one I have. It is also the only bush in my yard that is (was) going to bloom anytime soon. I have only lived in my home since last October and my gardening hasn't gone as well as I had wished. So, I was really looking forward to some color in my front flower bed.

Anyways...after about an hour of fuming and fussing and chewing imaginary nails. I got over it. The bush is still alive, health and growing. It will just be a little longer before I can see the beautiful blessing of blooms.


  1. For all your upset...and believe me...I can empathize....I'm still amused by its entirety.

    Your son obviously loves his Mama and wished to let her know by this action. That said, and I'm sure you already know it, it yet amuses me because, in view of gardening, it is Soooo my Suzanne!! Many stories have I heard which tell the tale of her eldest attempting to make a decision on her behalf....only to cause an upset. Oh the bane of Parenthood. If we teach confidence and decision know the rest.I've had to curb my anger several times at both our young men for things they'd done on my behalf when they lived with us. I am a stepfather to two who love me deeply and it was/is not always easy. :-)

  2. This is exactly what my DH does. Thinks he's being helpful, doesn't ask and whacks away!

  3. I'm SO glad to have some sympathy! Thank you!

  4. I can so understand what you mean...not that anyone around here has much interest in helping me garden - but the grief at the overzealous pruning..well, let's just say that, in times past, I've had heavy-handed helpers!!

    Welcome to the Ride, my Dear....enJoy!!

    ~brightest blessings~