Sunday, July 5, 2009

Morning meditation....with Willie

Mornings around here have come to belong to me and Willie. This morning was no different. We get (meaning Willie) breakfast and fresh water. I (me) get coffee in my favorite cup and we head for the patio. We (yes Willie too) soak up the morning air, sights and sounds and we meditate. Willie finds his most comfortable spot under my chaise and gets right with it. As you can see, Willie meditates much deeper after he's had his fill of "crunchy meaty nuggets."

Fifteen minutes later......

Mornings with Willie are a blessing to me. He's so quiet, so peaceful, so oblivious to any of the world's tourmoil; he is just there for me, with me. He never tells me how weird I am, that he doesn't like the fact that I tend to wear a certain favorite red t-shirt A LOT, or that my hair could have used a brushing this morning before we went outside. No, Willie is my buddie. I thank Goddess for him every day.
I hope each of you have a "Willie" of sorts in your life. Please share if you do!


  1. LOL.and then some....I'm holding my 'willy' with both the top right of my page.

    He is a 'love& a half' .....

  2. Hello, thanks for visiting my blog. I have six "willies" of sorts, lol. Love the pictures. You asked what camera I's a Canon Power Shot S31S. I've had it for several years and am very happy with it.

  3. Hey you..............sometime this month you will rebirth...........happy birthday month!!!!

  4. Hey Hon..........

    talk about star-crosses.....15th July 1953..snake.

  5. btw..check out SWAN and Spiral Dancer.....wonderful women and can they ever write.........

  6. I don't have a "Willie" but I do have a Gracie (dog). As it was a "rain, rain, go away" type of day we went back to bed and meditated. Well, okay, we slept. Gracie stuck her head at the foot of the bed but I didn't.