Friday, October 9, 2009


Thanks to my blogging friends, I now am caught up with what NASA is doing regarding our Moon. And, for the life of me, it just doesn't jive. Is it worth millions of tax dollars to use these invasive techniques for puncturing the Moon with rockets? Although, NASA says there is no actual bomb, the words "carnage," "huge impact" and "crashing" are used to describe what is to happen.

I'm perfectly happy sitting here on Mother Earth looking back up at our Moon. The idea that She MIGHT have water on her surface is the very least of her attributes, purpose and meaning. I just wish more people understood that. So today, NASA gets a big "thumbs down" from me.

Friday Blessings!


  1. I can't get on board with what NASA is doing either. This has catastrophe written all over it. That and it just plan seems like a waste.

  2. NASA naughty!

    We can't leave anything alone can we...what's wrong with us?

    (By us...I mean humans...not us lovely folk...we would never hurt the beautiful moon!)

  3. Considering how many probes we have to take the temperature on mars couldn't they come up with a little tiny robot to drill a small hole to find out?
    I mean a bunch of rocket scientist in a room and the best they could come up with was hit it with a big ass projectile?

  4. After reading Traveler's comment, I agreed and decided this must be a "man" thing. Will they try to patch it up with duct tape?

  5. Oh my, if they (men, and my hubby worked for is predominately male) think us women have a temperament that varies with the moon ...just mess with our moon, accidently move it slightly out of its orbit. See what we do then?!?!

    Yeah, that will loads of fun for them. :D


  6. This was really upsetting to me and I don't understand at all. What a waste of money and time and the moon's energy....etc. There needs to be planet or moon protection laws I guess?

  7. I'm very upset by the whole situation. Why must we waste taxpayers money, especially when people are sitting homeless in the street with no food to eat and no protection from the weather?

    And, I too, agree with The Traveler. Why make 'carnage' when you can do it 'laproscopically?"

    Makes no sense to me.

    NASA, you've lost my respect.


  8. I felt absolutely the same way. I was short of horrified.

  9. It doesn't really matter what the scientists do for when our old earth mother gets tired of our anthropocentric selfishness....she'll just 'boot-f' us all off the planet. Isn't it interesting how we are so afraid of her that we attempt control for eons never truly bearing collective wisdom to our fault ? NASA is merely another way we allow our earthbound icons to lead us into wastefullness. I've disagreed with most scientific endeavors for the bulk of my years. The fallacy of necessity is built on the back of fears of death.................or in this case extinction.