Friday, December 11, 2009

T'was the Eve before Solstice...

T’was the Eve before Solstice and all through our home
All the creatures were a’stirring, even the elves and the gnomes.
Our cauldron was bubblin’ full of warm holiday cheer
And everyone knew that Yule was soon to be here.
When out by our herb garden, there was a clankity-clatter,
We ran to the window to see what was the matter.
It seemed as though the caroler’s from the Church down the road,
Had run into our friend Hazel with her broom and her toad.
And off to the side what else did we see?
A Hanukkah Menorah, a Kinara Set for Kwanzaa, and a decked out Christmas tree!
As if all this commotion was not enough on it’s own,
On the television the weatherman was calling for snow!
Faced with the prospect of all these faiths stuck together,
We grabbed our BOS to find a spell to block bad weather.
And while we were a lookin’, and chanting and saying,
Outside the Evangelicals for our souls were a’ praying!
Finally I’d had enough of this mess
And I raised my voice - as you all know I can do best.
“Now Christian, and Pagan, Wiccan, and Jew
And to those who honor your heritage too;
There is way too much wrong in the world today,
Can’t we all get along instead of fighting this way?
Though different in origin and sometimes world’s apart
The basic meanings of this season all come from the heart.
Now all of you hush and pull up a stool or a chair,
And stop your bickering, before I start pulling hair!
Have a warm cup of cheer and some munchies and wine,
And lets all share in this holiday time.
Through storms and wars and sadness and woe
Now is the time to be friends and not foes.
Then after I spoke, I turned back to our hearth,
And soon all the rest gathered ‘round in it’s warmth.
To the Pagan and Christian; Wiccan, Heathen and Jew
The Buddhist, and Hindu and all in-between too –
Here is wishing happiness, health, wealth and joy to all
Merry Sol-chris-ma-hanuk-yule-wnaza!
And have a Happy New Year Too!
© Beverly Johnson


  1. LOL - wonderful! A story for all!

  2. I love a good rhyme,
    may we all in our time,
    enjoy the end of the year,
    with merriment and good cheer!

  3. Wow! I'm impressed.
    This was quite good!