Friday, February 26, 2010

Dreams, the Full Snow Moon and To-Do List...

There is one place I tend to dream about a lot: My grandmother's house. Her house was "just around the block" from where I grew up. I probably spent more time there, than in my own home when I was young. I know every inch and cranny of that place. My brother lives in her house now. Her house pops up in about half my dreams. Sometimes the dream makes sense. Sometimes not. Last night, there was a brown bear on her back porch and we were trying to keep it from getting into the house! The two dogs on the back porch weren't fighting with the bear or even afraid of it, but we were! Eventually the bear wandered off and all was well. That was the entirety of the dream. I have dreamed of finding treasures there, buried under certain boards in her living room. I have dreamed of seeing 3 wolves, specifically two grey one white, while standing on her front porch - beautiful! Do you have places that tend to be in your dreams more than others?

The Full Snow Moon is coming up on the 28th. The February Moon is also called the Open Buds Moon and Hunger Moon. This day is also my son's 21st birthday. What a wonderful day it will be - except that he is still at Ft. Benning, Georgia, completing his basic training and AIT. He has 3 weeks left! Nevertheless, I will be under that Moon sending him many, many blessings. His graduation is March 19th. I can't wait to see him. He has excelled in so many things while there. I know he'll be coming home a man! He has a new found appreciation for home and his Momma.

I have started my Spring to-so list. One is a garden. This will be the 2nd Summer in my new home and I pretty much know the grade of my yard and how much sunshine I get where and when. So, it's time. I am going to plant a Three Sister's Garden. Wish me luck! The other BIG thing on my list is painting. I need to paint the entire inside of my house. It will be a way of cleansing it and making it mine. It really needs brightening up! Well I am off do so some more planning and working. Many blessings to you!


  1. I don't dream about any one place in particular - but I can see how a place that meant that much to you would pop up in your dreams.

    Looking so forward to starting my garden. Must plant peas soon - they can handle the cold here. Love the three sisters garden idea!

  2. The bear is a problem...maybe an over-'bearing' situation right now......but not that difficult due to it being brown rather than black, on the back old familiar place, where the dogs...loyalties, aren't worried over it.

    If it had been an angry grizzly fighting with the dogs and trying to get in the front door....I'd think different but it ain't.

    Be cautious of the hero-villian encouragement with the boy..Hon.

  3. I dream a lot about hospitals...probably because I'm a nurse. But the dreams are always anxiety ridden and very icky.

    That's about the only 'place' I dream of with any consistency.