Monday, February 15, 2010

New Friend!

I have made a new friend on Facebook. His name is Wrynn. I have added his blog, A Witches Kitchen, to my favorite places to visit. Please check out his new blog. It promises to be a wealth of information!

Everything around here is a little more calm this week. We have dealt with so much snow/ice/rain I didn't know which end was up! And my end did go up on the ice once! My job-job has been keeping me working late and my weekends have been used for catchin' up.

Me and my Valentine Sweetie

Valentines Day was very nice. I spent the day celebrating my FOUR year old grandson's birthday! He is my Valentine Sweetie!!! I got roses from the wonderful Man in my life and then we had a nice dinner out. Phone calls from my son who is still at Ft. Benning made my weekend complete.

I hope yours was as blessed!


  1. Thanks so much Mary! I think so too!

  2. Thanks for the link to your friend's blog - I'm following him now too.

    Until I read that he was your grandson, I thought that was a pic of you and your son. You don't look old enought to be a grandmother! (Not that I think all grandmothers are supposed to look old!)

    Glad you got spoiled for V day!

  3. Rue, You're such a SWEETIE! Thanks for the compliment! I actually have two grandsons. The other is 1 year old.

  4. Awww...what a little cutie posing with his very pretty grandmother!

    So glad you had a nice Valentine's Day!