Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh, to be a Cat....

And, Yes! He is sleeping like that. I couldn't resist this opportunity to snap a photo of my cat, Willie. I wish I could get this comfortable and relaxed in any position. I think I heard him whisper...."it's good to be King" as I walked by afterwards!


  1. Aren't they something? I love the poses they sleep in. Mine has some funny poses, too.

  2. Soo cute. I love cats. I can't help you with candio. I wanted to find out with what it is made too, but i had no luck. It is what in many spell books is called red sugar.I find it in occult shops, but i have no idea what is made of. It is not sugar because it does n't melt it sorts of explodes and makes thick white smoke that smells great.
    But you can use whatever kind of herbs and ingredients you want like thyme and rosemary for money, basil and clove for luck, sandalwood and vanilla for love(which would be very appropriate since they are valentine's gifts.
    Brightest blessings**

  3. Graet photo, my cats could not agree with you more. LOL!


  4. ::giggling::

    Okay, that's just hysterical!