Friday, April 16, 2010

Stopping In....

to say I'm still around. I read everyone's blogs daily - I just haven't had time to sit and work on MINE! So I'm taking a few moments here to say that I'm all good, and all cool and things are going great around here. When I'm not working, seems like I'm resting or spending time with Son or Sweet W (my lovie man). << Gosh he'd hate that! The grass is growing and Sweet W has given me a push mower to cut it with. I was SO thankful. I was just about to go buy one. The nice men that cut my grass last year are deployed...both of them! They are supposed to be back in May. Sweet W also gave me a grill! It's a very nice one and Son has been getting a LOT of use out of it. Now if Uncle Sam will just GIMMIE my first time home buyer's tax credit monies...I can build my privacy fence and start working on my garden! I do have several pots growing of herbs and flowers - I'm just too afraid to put them in the ground without protecting them from neighbor dogs and the lil' kiddos who run back and forth every afternoon.
I'm contemplating getting a puppy now that Son is home and can help out with it when I'm not home - but still thinking on what kind, size, etc. Goddess knows I've had PLENTY of suggestions! Also, I'm not sure how Willie cat will like it, but I'm assuming that as long as it's a puppy, he'll adjust. Willie's pretty chilly.
Also, a week or so ago...someone told me that I didn't have any faith (because I didn't believe in their god). I had to weed through that rough patch and I decided to just let it flow like water off a duck's back. But it's still kind of eating at me.....somewhat. Some folk just refuse to have understanding or be understanding and when they don't even try....I don't have the time. I really hate it when a converation goes from one topic to the next and suddenly lands on my religion (or in their eyes a lack thereof)! But wait, I thought we were talking about makeup? Oh, it's faith....gosh I can't keep up! ~laughs~
Okay, now I'm off to go have dinner at a friend's house who has been just as busy as me and we have TONS of chatter to get caught up on. Bright blessings!

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  1. Enjoy the time with your friend and let the comments of the "other person" float away like smoke and not ruin your precious girl time!