Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gardenin' Stuff...

My lovie "W" came over yesterday and built the first of two raised garden beds! Isn't it awesome? It's about 2 1/2' x 6'. The two odd pieces on the back aren't attached...we were considering something decorative, who knows?! If the weather holds up and we get no more rain, he will build the other. They will both back right up to my patio for easy access. I plan to plant summer veggies and flowers. I'm getting a late start on all the spring planting - we've just had SO much rain! As you can see, my back yard is a clean slate. As soon as my privacy fence goes up - that will change also. The other photo is of the catnip purchased at The Hoodoo Shop - it's growing strong and will need it's own pot soon!

Blessings and Happy Tuesday!