Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where I've Been....

I've been so busy! Well, let's baby daughter graduated from dental hygiene school a couple weekends ago. It was an awesome thing to see. Eight Hundred graduates all in one arena. I'll post a photo or two from the dinner party afterwards. I'm so very proud of her. She is my one child who has her "ducks in a row.'

I visited a new Circle of friends last Saturday night. I had a wonderful time. Their Temple is outside, in the High Priestess's back yard - and why shouldn't it be! I have never been in someone's back yard that was so natural and peaceful, and OH MY I have to get started on my yard! We had a "just because" ritual. Beltane had been rained out (flooded actully) and we had some catching up to do. A few members of my Circle attended and with the great companionship, conversation, dancing and wonderful food, it was a lovely evening for all. I can't wait to go back.

Also, this past weekend, I spent time with the wonderful man in my life who has my heart and is my soul mate. I could talk to this man forever and never be bored. He's an old soul. I owe credit to Him for encouraging me to seek my own paths.

I have become very interested in Stregheria witchcraft or Italian witchcraft. I have ordered a book by Raven Grimassi - Italian Witchcraft and I've ordered Aradia - Gospel of the Witch, by Charles Godfrey Leland. I'm excited to be building up my library.

Okay, other than one busy job that pretty much catches me up! I hope all is well with everyone else!

Bless'd Be!

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  1. Congratulations with your daughter. That is a great achevement !!!
    I'm glad you found a nice group of friends. I wish I had such a group. There aren't many Pagans here and it's hard to get them together.
    A temple in the backgarden, that sounds great and just as it should be, close to home and in nature ; )
    Have a magical day !!