Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Aradia - Concerning Christianity (Taken from Italian Witchcraft by Raven Grimassi)

You have heard the Christians say that only through Jesus Christ can you enter into the Great Realm. So I tell you that Jesus was the spirit of love, and only by love may you enter in.

You have heard the Christians say much concerning the teachings of Jesus, but how many have you seen follow them? So I say to you that Christianity, as Jesus taught it, died with him on the cross. Even his own disciples were more concerned with their self-images and self-importance.

The Christians say that we are evil and dangerous, but who is the more so? They believe the world will end, and teach others concerning this, speaking of the destruction which their god will bring. The mind has great power, and many minds of one belief have much power (even to accomplish a great destruction). So I say to you that there shall indeed be this time of sorrow. But out of the ashes shall arise the new World of Reason. For the Great Ones shall use this to fulfill the plan, through the teachings of the Daughter.

There shall never be peace between our religions, for they ever strive against us. It is useless to attempt to reason with them, for they have never been known for their ability to reason. They choose to have faith in place of understanding.

Therefore, it is best to avoid them so as not to anger them. For anger always follows lack of understanding. Remember also the time of persecution to come, and reveal nothing to them that shall harm our people or our ways.

It is sad that our ways of spirit cannot be extended to, nor be shared with, the Christians.

Here end the Words of Aradia


  1. maybe we should form a new "christian wiccan" tradition.....

  2. ~crosses eyes~

    Please see Nola's blog entry at Streganola also. It explains the above very well.


  3. I prefer the term Christian Mystic.

    See more @ http://streganola.blogspot.com/2009/04/christian-mystics-please-not-christian.html