Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I'm teetering back and forth on feelings that I have about a situation here. In fact, I've fallen off the fence on both sides! First, I like being in and around groups of people. It's fun, it's comforting, its enlightening and can be a very powerful experience. I don't ever want to stop learning from others and I believe groups can be helpful in this respect. Plus, I'm strong enough on my own to be able to blend with all paths. However, I still consider myself predominately a Solitary. Solitaries can be just as powerful as groups. The only thing a solitary truly lacks is companionship and those of like mind. On the other hand, a Solitary is not frustrated by group politics, and can worship as they please without being told what to do or when to do it. But still, I do like to attend rituals, ceremonies and get-togethers, like many others. Do any of you struggle with the need to be physically connected to other Witches/Pagans, yet need to be solitary at the same time? It's a fine line, and one that has tripped me up once again.

Bless'd Be!

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