Friday, July 17, 2009

Oil Lamps

I came upon a beautiful site today called AuraOil. There are so many beautiful oil lamps and scented oils to choose from. I think this one may be a 'must-have' for me!

or this one...

They would look beautiful on my alter or a meditation table, don't you think? And, on the subject of oil, here's one of my favorites:

Jasmine Bewitchment Oil : The essential oil from the moon ruled jasmine flower is rare and often very expensive. However, the good news is that we can easily and inexpensively create our own jasmine oil for spell work by soaking one dozen fresh jasmine flowers in an ounce of heated sesame oil. After the oil has cooled completely, strain it into a clear glass bottle and cap tightly. This is an excellent oil for anointing poppets and candles used in the art of love magic, especially if it is a spiritual love that you wish to bring into your life. It can also be used in various money-attracting spells or used at bedtime as a magickal massage oil to induce sleep and to conjure forth with vivid dreams.



  1. What beautiful lamps!!! I just realized we are almost neighbors. You live in Cabot? I live in Mammoth Spring.
    I wanted to let you know I am posting the winners of my Giveaway today and you were the second name drawn so you have won the necklace. Please let me know the address you would like it mailed to.
    Byrum Art

  2. YEAAAA! I'm so excited and thankful! Please email me at and I will give my addy.

    Yep, we are neighbors! I don't think I've ever been there, but maybe I should plan a trip!

    Blessings and thanks again!

  3. Wow! I am in love with the second one!!

  4. I love those lamps! And thanks for the oil recipe.

  5. hi it's VoodooChild from paganspace! i just started followig your blog and what an excellent topic, oil lamps. i was JUST thinking of writing an entry about them myself! do you like working with them a lot?

  6. Actually, I don't have one at all, YET! I am thinking about purchasing one of these for my meditation table. There's just something about a single burning flame....*S*

  7. i am so there to look at these lamps. one of them will be mine!!!! thanks!!