Monday, August 10, 2009

Rude Neighbors...

So, if I could move the country, live in a cottage by a lake, I'd be there. However, the Powers that be have placed me in a nice little surburban neighborhood, which I really like. I love my house and yard and I've dug my heels in here to stay. FOREVER.

Forever. FOREVER. Forever....

Unfortunately, I have been blessed with new neighbors to the East. Unfortunate for several reasons. (Warning! Soapbox Rant Ahead!)

It's a house full of men. They've been there for about 2 months now. There are, at a minimum, 3 grown males and 2 teenage males. No females. I didn't say "gentlemen" for a reason. Just males. And on occasion, I have seen as many as NINE. Okay, so I have nothing against men/males. But, it seems that they think/thought since I live with my young son, I must be unattached and would succumb to and feel blessed by their their hollaring, yelling, vulgar-nasty-rude language used outside where ALL can hear. Well, I didn't. I am very attached and they know this. So, now they stand around outside yapping and talking loud enough that I hear them talking about me. (i never knew i was a "bitch" until now!) My other NICE neighbors have even heard them. So, I've put up with their mouths and, on a weekly basis, I have to pick up their trash out of my yard, because they can't seem to keep trash bins with lids, and it blows all over the place in our nice family-oriented neighborhood. I've taken to just ignoring them, which seems to only make matters worse. But, I'm not going to stop enjoying my patio or my yard and stay inside. EVER, ever, EVER.

Also, they are to my EAST. The way my house is set up, I use my East bedroom windows for my alter placement and meditation. It's not very soothing to look out my windows to see someones....TRASH! Did I mention they think my sweet little Willie cat is the one rummaging through their trash?! I so love my digital camera that proves otherwise. Okay back to the East problem. I think the only way to solve this problem is bringing a privacy fence around to envelope my bedroom windows. I'll still be able to see outside and still be able to see the moon when she's full. I have two wonderful windows I can hang things in....any suggestions? I can't get that fence soon enough!

The point of my whole rant here is this: Do any of you have any suggestions, spells, incantations, rituals to help out my situation. These are are neighbors I can't go talk to. I've come across a few house cleansing rituals, but not sure that's what I need. I'm open to anything any of you have to offer.
Thanks and many blessings!


  1. Placing mirrors in your window (reflective side facing out) could at least help reflect their energy so it doesn't find a way into your home. You could also hang them above doors.

    Hope things get better.


  2. We had a neighbor who brought friends home after the bars closed -some of whom (women) urinated in his driveway(fortunately not on our side). After they left he would pass out but his stereo would still be booming. We had to call the police. The city attorney was willing to prosecute if we wanted to press charges. We showed him the letter instead and he behaved himself until he moved away. You can also complain to the city attorney if neighbors have messy yards. (AND you can be anonymous about it.)

  3. Do a Saturn ritual - invoke Kronos and banish them, or just banish their noice - your choice. This has always worked for me in regards to noisy neighbors. Good luck and blessed be!