Monday, August 10, 2009


Fennel has through history been considered an appetite depressant, and as such, a weight loss aid. All parts of the Fennel plant are safe for use, and Hippocrates recommended a tea to increase the flow of milk in nursing mothers. Menopausal women may want to try it to ease the associated symptoms. The leaves or stems can be pounded into a paste and given to nursing mothers to relieve breast swelling.

Fennel teas or Fennel water have been used throughout history to nourish the kidneys and to break up kidney stones, quiet hiccups, prevent nausea, aid digestion, prevent gout, purify the liver, reverse alcohol damage to the liver, and treat jaundice. For babies, it is said to relieve colic and flatulence, and to expel worms. The tea can also be gargled as a breath freshener and applied as an eye wash. Alternatively, the leaves can be dried, pulverized into a powder, and made into capsules for when it's not convenient to utilize a tea. Fennel is a food that increases sexual energy and enhances fertility.

To make Fennel water, use 8 drops of oil to 1 pint of water - take up to 8 teaspoons per day.

The root when cooked is similar in taste to parsnip. Fennel has a sweet aroma and an aniseed flavor.

In Italy, there is also small-scale usage of fennel pollen (a gold-green color) as an expensive and rather extravagant spice, also known as “Spice of the Angels”. The pollen has a faint, spicy fennel scent that best complements fruity flavors. It should be added late in the cooking process, or even just before serving.

Fennel is disliked by fleas, and can therefore be used around the house in doorways and near pet bedding to reduce flea populations. Fennel is a cleansing and medicating herb, and can be used for a steam facial for opening pores and rejuvenating facial skin.

Astrological planet: Mercury

Gender: Masculine

Element: Fire

Magical uses: physical health, protection, and banishing ill-intended magic, purification, money, longevity Mercury spells: Fennel (as herb or essential oil) may be used in as an ingredient or substitute for magic spells and formulas related to Mercury matters (overcoming addiction, breaking bad habits, communication, divination, eloquence, intelligence, mental powers, psychic powers, self-improvement, study, travel, and wisdom).

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  1. Great info. An extinct form of giant fennel used to be used as a very effective birth control method since ancient times. I think that is so interesting. Too bad its gone now.

  2. I love fennel, it is one of my favourites. Not sure I would agree that the root tastes like parsnip though!

  3. I love fennel! Nothing is better in a fish recipe! Plus, it makes a good fake heart in a Halloween display when you stick in colored water, lol!

  4. thank you for that post, so interesting, my granparents taught me so much about herbs & wild flowers etc and their uses, grandad gave me an ancient copy of the culpeppers herbal i still have it. i am laterly just getting back into it all after many years lost.