Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ahhh....it's Beautiful!

YES! The weather is changing here, little by little. This past weekend I sat out on my patio and had coffee in the early mornings just smellin' the changes coming. There is that little hint of crispness in the air and there's not as much humidity. I felt very energetic this weekend.

I've been gathering Halloween ideas, recipes, etc. Most stores have put out their Fall decor and it's tempting me to go splurg on some new things.

I do love Summertime, but I really enjoy the dynamic changes between each Season. It draws me evermore outside and close to our Mother Earth.
My son and I couldn't resist going on a walk last night about 8:30 p.m. The crescent moon was twinkling and the stars were just beginning to pop out. The trees were singing right along with the light breeze dancing through their leaves.
Ahhh....it is Beautiful!


  1. I am also enjoying the change of the season! Here in Florida, it is usually almost 100 degrees this time of year, but this year we had a very early heat wave and it has been rather mild all summer! It is already down to the lower 60's in wee hours of the morning, and I LOVE it!

    I am hoping that in a couple of weeks it will be cool enough to throw open all the doors and windows and start to air out the house.

    Fall is such a magical time for me!

  2. I am right there with ya!! I have a Fall prosperity tea recipe I will post soon...perfect for the changing of the season. :)


  3. nothing quite as magical as a twilight stroll. i love too the season changes and as summer recedes i am so looking forward to autum loveliness *ruthie*

  4. Sounds like a wonderful night !! We had a night full of thunder, lightning and rain, much needed rain by the way. The ground was so very dry !!
    Thank you very much for the birthday wishes ; )
    Have a wonderful weekend !!

  5. It is definitely Fall here as well! It's been raining all day and there's a bite to the air for sure. I have my flannel robe on...some twinkly lights on my deck with the door open for the cats to breathe some fresh air. Me too! :)

    Peaceful blessings...