Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday Ramblings...

It's been raining off and on since Saturday here. I really do love rain. It's sound, the feel of it and the way it cleanses everything including the air around us. When the Goddess is finished bathing us, the air will be crisp and clean and the fall colors will be bustin' out all over! Without some Fall rain, we won't have the Fall color.

I have been breathing a little easier lately around my house. The "neighbors" I posted about a while back have moved. I didn't realize how "pent up" I felt. I did have to go through one night of threats and vulgarities thrown at me while I was on my patio reading, but no more! I think tonight I will do some outside cleansing and, weather permitting, have a fire and enjoy the evening in peace and quiet.

Another thing I've been working through is the fact my son (age 20) has decided to enlist in the Army. Going from working at a sportings goods store to the Army is a big leap and being the MOM I am, I want to hold on tight and not let my "little boy" go. He wants to do this. However, I am supporing his decision, as is his whole family. He has to have a strong home front. He will. We're not sure of the date, but he will leave for basic training mid-October. I seem to be paying much more attention to those Army commericals now....

....which leads to the fact that pretty soon, I will have an Empty Nest! I'm pretty much solitary in my practice and have only a couple of local pagan friends. So, I've joined the new 24-hour gym down the street and I've started selling the beauty products that I have been using for about a year now. The gym is awesome! I'm not a great sales person, but it is simply something to get me out and meet some new people. If I make a lil' cash doing so, great! Oh, and then there is my 8-5 job - that's where you'll find me Monday-Friday. Hopefully, by adding these few things to my weekly agenda and doing more blogging....the empty nest won't bother me so much!

Autumn Blessings!
p.s. The beautiful water color is Fall Rain by Cecily Herzig. Also, if any of you would like to see my products website: BeautiControl.

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  1. Oh dear that must be tough! Autumn blessings right back at you!