Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nature in the Pink!

Aren't these photos fabulous? My daughter sent me this LINK about the pink grasshopper today. I wanted to share these with any of you who haven't seen them yet.

Come to find out....there's pink critters of all sorts - like this Hummingbird Moth.

Hoppy ones and flying ones!!

A soft pink Katydid and a beautiful magenta Dragonfly.........

along with a lavender Praying Mantis....

I do believe that an intimacy with the world of crickets and their kindcan be salutary - not for what they are likely to teach us about ourselvesbut because they remind us, of we will let them, that there are other voices,other rhythms, other strivings and fulfillments than our own. -Howard E. Evans

The art finds kingdoms in a foot of ground. - Stephen Vincent Benet

Many Blessings!!!


  1. I never heard of such a thing as a pink katydid. How beautiful they are ~ I never thought I would say such a thing about bugs:)

  2. I love bugs...any colour...but these are stunning!
    I'd love to paint them.
    Thank you for visiting my humble site, I look forward to chatting more with you.

    Oh yes...I love your blog too!

  3. Really awesome images!
    I just wanted to thank you for adding my blog to your links - I will do the same right now :).
    Carolina Gonzalez

  4. Oh you should submit your pink post to the Pink Saturday meme....

    You have a lovely blog as well. Thanks for stopping by and for posting my badge.
    I have posted your Welcome to Grandma's House badge since you don't seam to have one for this blog. ;-)

    Wishing you beautiful day....