Thursday, November 5, 2009

Someone I Came Across Today...

Dr. Leo Louis Martello was an American Witch, a certified hypnotist and graphologist, and an author with a number of books to his credit. He was also one of the early proponents of Italian witchcraft in America. He first came to prominence during the 1960’s as a leader involved in the early spread of Contemporary Witchcraft in America. A colorful and sometimes controversial figure, he is perhaps best known as an activist involved with Civil Rights, Animal Rights, and Gay and Lesbian Rights issues. He is particularly famed for his manifesto seeking retribution for atrocities caused to Witches during the Witch hysteria of the 15th – 17th centuries in Europe. I did some reading on Dr. Martello and found this quote which comes from his book Witchcraft: The Old Religion:

“In the Craft, there is no hard dogma. Hard drugs are forbidden. Mindless morons can't be a compliment to our Mother Goddess. Sex is sacred, not something to be exhibited at a peep show. Power is something personal, not to be used over others, which is contrary to Craft ethics. Those who think the Old Religion will make them masters over others are slaves to their own self-delusions. A happy person is always a powerful person and is hated by those who aren't. A happy person is in many ways selfish; in the Craft we must protect our best interests and ensure that the power that comes from joy remains constant, knowing that none of us are immune from the vicissitudes of life, but that our Old Religion will help us handle any adversity. The Craft has survived for thousands of years. After everything else has come and gone, it will remain. And one day, in the coming Age of Aquarius, there will once again be magnificent temples to the Goddess”. – Dr. Leo Louis Martello (1930-2000)

So many, like us, have come and gone and I just wanted to share his thoughts today.

Blessed Be!


  1. What profound words! He makes a lot of sense.


  2. Some of the ancient understandings never change simply because they need not....we who self-identify will be omni-present regarless the worlds we exist in.

  3. thank you so for sharing... something I truly needed to hear...